First West Asian Colloquium on Optical Wireless Communications

In recent years wireless communications have significantly evolved due to the advanced technology of smartphones,portable devices and the growth of Internet of Things,e-Health,e-Commerce,intelligent transportation systems and social networking. It is forecasted that the wireless mobile traffic will be dominant over the data network beyond 2017. More recently we have seen growing research and development interest in Optical Wireless Communications (OWC) in a number of applications as a complementary technology to cellular systems,Wi-Fi and Bluetooth,in order to solve the spectrum crunch and provide high data rates in urban environments and crowded locations. OWCs offer many advantages such as free license,wide bandwidth,inherent security and no radio frequency based interference,and multiple functionalities,which could be a potential candidate for the emerging 5G wireless communications. Nevertheless,the widespread deployment of OWC,namely infra-red and Visible Light Communications (VLC),will face challenged imposed by several factors including weather effects,safety regulation and device performance that needs addressing. In the last decade we have seen a growing trend in research and development activities in the emerging field of OWC,covering VLC and free space communications for indoor and outdoor applications,including underwater communications.

This first colloquium aims to cover the entire field of OWC and bring together researchers,software,and hardware developers from academia and industry working in OWC,to present,share,and discuss their latest research results. The colloquium will also included practical demonstration of working systems.

High quality and origiona technical papers are solicited to be presented at this event.

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