Investigation and Implementation of Vehicle-to-Vehicle Wireless Optical Camera Communications

Isfahan University of Technology

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Issue date: September, 2021

Degree: MSc

Language: Farsi

Contributor: Negar Shirvani

Supervisor: Dr. Asghar Gholami


Research in the field of optical camera communications (OCC) has increased recently. This paper presents the results of the experimental investigation of an adaptive OCC for vehicle-to-vehicle communications. The system comprises light emitting diode-based taillights and a mobile phone camera used as the transmitter and the receiver, respectively. The transmission distance and the background noise are considered significant parameters for evaluating the OCC system performance. We experimentally investigate the performance of the proposed system with adaptive thresholding and show that under different ambient-light conditions there is a marked improvement in the bit error rate performance.

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