Organic Electronics

Organic materials are based on conjugated organic small molecules and polymers. The use of organic semiconductors offers some advantages due to their easy processing, good compatibility with a wide variety of substrates, especially the human body for bio applications, and the capability of modifying their structures. The fabrication process of organic devices can be simple and low-cost compared to inorganics, especially in large scales.

In the literature, great efforts have been carried out in a lot of field of organic devices, like optoelectronic devices, organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), organic field effect transistors (OFETs) for switching functions, organic solar cells for photovoltincs, organic photodetctotrs (OPD) and even lasers.

Organic photovoltaic devices have gained a vast interest in the recent years owing to their potential for large area low-cost solar cells. Large-scale manufacturing of organic photovoltaic solar cells offers a sustainable solar energy source that can supply a significant fraction of energy needs. In addition, the OLED technology is another leading edge technology for displays. Besides OLEDs, organic field-effect transistors are other devices that have been brought to realistic levels of performance that could be used in devices such as ebook displays.

Furthermore, photodetectors are well suited to applications requiring large area and visible light detection, such as visible light optical communications. OPD application includes multi-color imaging, biomedical sensing, near-field scanning, fluorescence detection and data communications.

In OOCRL, we have focused on organic multilayer photodetectors. However, it is well-known that organic semiconductors suffer from low carrier mobility that has made them the most challenging drawback for high speed applications. Thus, our ongoing projects in organic electronics are devoted to develop and find novel structures and solutions employing organic-inorganic materials to overcome the challenges.

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