Isfahan University of Technology

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Issue date: January 15, 2016

Degree: MSc

Language: Farsi

Contributor: Samira Lotfi

Supervisor: Dr. Asghar Gholami


Integrated optics and optoelectronics have regarded since the early 1980s. Currently optical technologies are extensively used in telecommunications.One of the most important optoelectronic devices in the telecommunication applications is infrared photodetector. Nowadays, usedphotodetectors in the telecommunication are usually fabricated with low-bandgap semiconductors such as InGaAs. However, GaAs-based technologies have good performance in responsivity and bandwidth, this technology is expensive and cannot integrate with silicon-based microelectronics. Silicon-based NIR photodetectors have been considered to solve this problem.On the other hand, silicon is transparent in NIR.To overcome this disadvantage, several technologies have been developed. One of them is type II of heterojunctionformation between silicon and organic materials that is the focus of our research.

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